How to create the Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cookies are perfect treat for the kids and even the adults. There are fat issues but we can change this by changing the recipe. Ordinary people use only the Chocolates and none special recipe however on my special healthy chocolate chip cookies will use none fat white chocolate and chopped macademia nuts. Things You’ll Need: 1/2 cup butter, 1 tsp vanilla, 1/2 cup brown sugar, 1 well beaten egg, 1 1/2 cup flour, 1/2 tsp. baking soda, 1pkg white chocolate chips, chopped macademia nuts.

  step number one gather your ingredients

  step number two Preheat oven to 350

  step number three soften butter slightly

  step number four cream the sugar, brown sugar, vanilla, and butter add the egg and mix thoroughly.

  step number five add flour and baking soda < add 1/2 1 1/2 tsp of baking soda. The more you add the fluffier the cookies will be.

  step number six add non fat white chocolate chips and chopped nuts.

  step number seven bake at 350 wait 9 to 10 minutes

Step number 8 enjoy your cookie~ with milk!


Mobile Learning (iphones, etc.)

Nowadays the phone is use not only for communicate, however also for the data transfer such as

handing in assignments to your profs. Therefore learning from the mobile is possible. Last night I

had to search something from the internet however I didn’t have any source, but the

Smartphone. I used it to find the source and easily finished the assignments moreover; by going

in to certain website we can learn how to play the guitar, piano, and how to use the high tech

program such as: Photoshop CS, adobe primer, Norton ghost…. Etc. Yes there is debate about

mess media in online can affect the mobile teaching, but in the future if we can control this the 

mobile teaching effective.

22 February – 28 February

On this week Due to the tech. problem with my computer and internet connection at our home I could not finish the vedio with Dr. John willinsky therefore instead of doing about the release your research, increase your impact, I decided to do about the new techonolgy that is about to come to your home: 3D Television. 
  Usually to watch the 3D movie we had to go to the movie theater with 3D glasses however, nowdays we can watch the 3D movie without going to the movie theater and 3D glasses on, because of new invention of 3D Television. 3D television is a television that has special viewing power of 3D (Steroscopic capture, multi0view capture, or 2D plus depths and 3D display).  3D television works like this check the picture belowso brodcast station gives you 2D contents and your 3D TV changes this 2D to 3D contents and display to your LCD moniter. You can enjoy your movie with better quality resolution, it’s even better than HD TV.

Review Feb.1- Feb.7

In this week with our guest, Inbe Kehoe, we went over the Copyrights of Canada. The main theme of her lecture was we cannot use the copyright materials on podcasts. To give us clear definition about this idea she started with the Copyrights of Canada. What is the copyright of Canada? The Copyright of Canada is the federal legislation call Copyright Act of Canada, what it does is provides protection for creators and contains ‘fair dealing’ provision for users. As a creator of your work you are provided with two rights from the Copyrights of Canada, Economic rights and Moral acts. An Economic right provides the payments for creators and they have the rights to authorize or prevent coping of their works and Moral acts a subset of the rights of creators of copyrighted works, has three parts:

The right of attribution includes the right to be associated with a work as its author by name, by pseudonym, or anonymously.

The right of integrity is the right to prevent the distortion, mutilation or other modification of a work that damages the honor or reputation of the author.

The right of association is the right to prevent the use of a work in association with a product, service, cause or institution that damages the honor or reputation of the author.

Note that moral rights cannot be reassigned, but they can be waived.

The Copyright of Canada protects almost every creative works such as Books, poems, pamphlets, magazines, maps, plays, films, videos, databases, computer programs, song lyrics, sound recordings, drawings, etc. In her lecture it was very interesting to know that in Canada the Copyright is still eligible till the day the creator dies and plus an additional 50 years.

Review for Jan. 18- Jan. 24

In the Video conferencing, what Gordon booth, the guest lecturer, talked about was the 3 steps to prepare the effective video conference: Plan, Prepare, and Practice.

 The plan

The planning involves the four things: objective: what is your massage to participants, background: before the lecture what participants should prepare the background information, on-site resources: Do participants need the information from the sites such as images, music, video, reading material… etc, and lastly information transfer: how are we going to make our participants understand our message.

The Prepare

After we planed our objectives we should prepare our tools and resources by following up the blueprints in planning section. Such as tools for the VC connections, and resources for participants: artifacts, video, music, graphics, Images… etc. any tools and resources to transfer our objectives to participants.

The practice

Before we present our video conference, most importantly, we should practice because practice makes people perfect.

After the Video conference

 After the video conference we should make sure we have transferred our objective to participants. To do this we should test the participants and make sure participants succeed to understand our objectives.


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And it was just for fun ^&^

After the Video

After watching this video I wanted to argue about what is difference between Face to Face education and Online education. Yes, on Face to Face education we need to buy books and come to lecture on time, however we also need to buy softwares to process online courses and follow the instruction on it. Moreover studing online courses has disadvantage over lecture class due to limited interaction with the instructor. For example what happens your computer dies on you in middle of your on-line assigments and you need assistance? where would you go for help? your options are limited. Can we really trust TECHNOLOGY???????????